Winter Wonderland



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music:   Felix Bernard         lyrics:   Richard Bernhard Smith

               (1897 - 1944)                                                    (1901 - 1935)         


           Perry Como

performed by     Perry Como                  

(1912 - 2001)


( ...Andrews Sisters... & ...Frank Sinatra; Bob Hope... etc. )



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 Carmen Ezgeta

                 Sleigh bells ring
           Are you listening
               In the lane
         Snow is glistening
         A beautiful sight
     We're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

 Gone away is the bluebird
 Here to stay is a new bird
     He sings a love song
           As we go along
Walking in a winter wonderland

In the meadow we can build a snowman
Then pretend he is Parson Brown
 He'll say: Are you married?
         We'll say: No man
   But you can do the job
       When you're in town

                       Later on
           We'll conspire
   As we dream by the fire
             To face unafraid
  The plans that we've made
Walking in a winter wonderland
         Winter wonderland

In the meadow we can build a snowman
   And pretend that he's a circus clown
       We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman
           Until the other kiddies knock him down

        When it snows
          Ain't it thrilling
               Though your nose gets a chilling
                   We'll frolic and play
                       The Eskimo way
                           Walking in a winter wonderland
                               Yeah we're walking in a winter
                                   Yeah we're walking in a winter
                                       We're walking in a winter               wonderland
                                                           Winter wonderland